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Do you want to buy a house but just can’t make it happen?

Are you still trying to get your head around saving that deposit but your balance just isn’t rising fast enough?

Are you still trying to have it all? A great wardrobe, a social life AND a house?

Are you getting frustrated or despondent that you haven’t achieved this major life goal yet?

Or, are you committed and focused and in need of a cheer squad?

I’m Caroline Jean-Baptiste and I’m so glad you found me! I want to help you buy that house.

I’m on a mission to empower women to take control of their finances so they can achieve their financial goals.

As a mortgage broker, I would love for you to have the ability to buy a home. Not just because it provides a roof over your head, but because of the long term financial security that it brings you.

So here’s how I can help:

  • I’m  sharing tips, tricks and secrets that I’ve learned from my own personal journey of buying homes, investing in property, and, most importantly reining in my demon shopaholic tendencies. I’ll be posting them here, and on Facebook and LinkedIn. Subscribe below to make sure you get the news first, directly to your inbox.
  • I’ve written a book to help you get started or keep momentum if you’re already on your way. Order your copy of Buy That House, How Kickass Women Make it Happen.
  • You can email me and arrange a time to chat. As a mortgage broker, I can talk you through how to look great to the lenders, loan options and your borrowing capacity.

If you have a question or a challenge that you’re working through, I’d love to hear it. Just email me. If I have a solution or suggestion, I’ll be sure to share it!

Buy That House, How Kickass Women Make It Happen

This is where the secret of harnessing all your kickass powers to get a loan and buy a property meets the growing demand for simple, practical advice for kickass women wishing to take the incredible step toward securing their future and becoming financially resilient.

While there are books on the process of buying your first home, they lack clear instructions on the financial behaviours and attitudes that must be in place before signing the contract. They also miss the information required on how to manage life financially once you have that mortgage.

All that, and more, can be found right here for just $30.

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Cash Strapped to Cashed Up

Money Mastery Course

Do you want to be a kickass woman who has control over her finances?

Do you want to create a future for yourself and your family that is free from debt and financial burden?

If you said YES, then find out more about my Cash Strapped to Cashed Up course!

This course teaches you all you need to know to make long term changes to the way you manage your money.

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