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Who’s your cheer squad?

2020-02-19T23:57:08-08:00February 19th, 2020|lifestyle|

There is something so amazing about watching someone crushing it. Someone doing something so well that it just leaves you in awe and inspired to go out and do something great yourself. It's even better when it's one of your mates who is doing it - and even better again if it's you doing it! So who, in your world, is doing something amazing? [...]

Let’s make this happen!

2020-02-20T00:00:44-08:00February 10th, 2020|First home buyer|

Every day I talk to people who want to buy property - as a home or an investment. Some are desperately saving for their first home. Some are keen to upgrade to get more space. Others want to adventure and live somewhere new. Others are wanting to build wealth and security through investing in property. Some of those are in a strong financial position [...]

Keep your home buying motivation high

2020-02-03T19:26:56-08:00February 3rd, 2020|First home buyer|

So you want to buy a home. Do you really? How badly? Badly enough to modify your spending habits, tone down your social life, cut back on your excesses? Chances are high that you will have to do all three to save your deposit. And then you will have the next 30 years or so to pay it off. Is it still so appealing? [...]

First home buyers: three things you much do before you bid or make an offer

2020-02-03T19:32:47-08:00January 30th, 2020|First home buyer|

No matter how eager you are to buy your first home, there are a few things you need to do before you’re ready to bid or start negotiating. 1. Know what you can pay The lender will assess your borrowing capacity based on what you earn, owe, spend and own. They won’t lend you more than their algorithms tell them you can manage. But [...]

Lessons I’ve learnt buying property

2020-01-08T16:31:35-08:00January 8th, 2020|First home buyer|

I’m often asked what are the most important things that I’ve learnt throughout my time of buying property, so I thought I’d share them with you. Set your goal. Figure out what you want and how much it will cost. Create a vision board, write it in detail in a book, visualise it. How many bedrooms and bathrooms? A “fixer-upper” or an “already done-upper”? [...]

Tips to get the most out of your first full time job

2020-01-07T18:08:16-08:00January 7th, 2020|Tips|

Starting your first full-time job is a big deal. It’s your first real step into adulthood and the responsibilities that come with it. It’s a moment to be really proud, but it can be really scary too. There are some things that you need to think about before you start: Money How much are you going to save from each paycheque? It’s hard to [...]

How will we rebuild?

2020-01-07T17:49:44-08:00January 5th, 2020|lifestyle|

I've started the year with a whole bundle of emotions. Heartbreak over the destruction and loss of homes, lives, livestock and wildlife. Sheer amazement at the effort, dedication and determination of the fire fighters (how they do that every day I have no idea) and the wildlife rescuers. Inspiration over the fundraising efforts of people like Celeste Barber - that's nothing short of amazing, [...]

Goals for 2020

2020-01-07T22:00:28-08:00January 1st, 2020|Tips|

It's 2020 and there's not a Jetson or flying car in sight! (or am I showing my age by that reference?) Seriously, 2020 sounded so far away just 21 years ago when we were wondering what a new century would bring - and now we're into the third decade of that century! How did that happen? It's a great reminder of how fast time [...]

Holiday activities that don’t cost a bomb!

2020-01-07T17:11:36-08:00December 19th, 2019|Money management, Tips|

Arrggghhhh! Everything costs so much money! Christmas holidays can be a killer to your budget, so here are some ideas that won't break the bank. Picnic Bushwalk Amazing Race style of treasure hunt Day at the beach or baths Walk around the city centre checking out Christmas decorations Bike ride Botanical gardens visit Walk around your local park Board game marathon Family/Friends sports day [...]

Christmas – what’s your budget?

2020-01-07T17:10:26-08:00December 10th, 2019|Tips|

Just like every other time of year, you need to have a budget for Christmas shopping. Probably even more so than every other time of year! It's the number one time for spending blowouts - so go in prepared. Who are you buying for? What's your budget for each gift? If you're watching what you spend, could you suggest a Secret Santa to your [...]