Monthly Archives: July 2024

How often do you practice self care?

2024-07-10T08:11:27+10:00July 10th, 2024|lifestyle|

It might be something as simple (and necessary) as going to the gym or for a long walk, getting a massage, practising meditation or locking yourself away with a good book for an hour. It might be something as indulgent as a trip to a health retreat or a weekend away with your best mates. Whatever it is, I'm here to remind you (and [...]

Are you managing your debt effectively?

2024-07-03T08:08:52+10:00July 3rd, 2024|Home loan|

If you're anything like my Instagram or Facebook friends (and even my real life friends!), chances are high that you've either just returned from a winter break, you're about to leave on one or you're planning something fabulous to escape the cold and explore the world. I love everything about holidays and really love to see that our freedom to explore has returned and [...]

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