It might be something as simple (and necessary) as going to the gym or for a long walk, getting a massage, practising meditation or locking yourself away with a good book for an hour. It might be something as indulgent as a trip to a health retreat or a weekend away with your best mates. Whatever it is, I’m here to remind you (and me!) how vitally important it is to make self care part of your daily routine.

The old adage “if you can’t look after yourself, you can’t look after anyone else” is so true, yet in our day to day life we can get so busy doing things – putting out fires, solving problems, caring for others, and on and on and on – that we run out of time and energy to care for ourselves.

Caring for ourselves means different things to each of us, so it’s important to figure out what truly nourishes our own body, mind, soul and heart and then doing it.

Just like I add “play money” into my spending plan which gives me the choice to spend the allocated amount of money without explanation or justification, I also add “free time” to my own schedule – so that I can choose to spend that time however I want, doing whatever I feel that I need to do FOR ME at the time.

As we strive to do more, achieve more, and be more, we need to take care of ourselves more.

What will you do today to fill up your body, mind, soul or heart?