If you’re anything like my Instagram or Facebook friends (and even my real life friends!), chances are high that you’ve either just returned from a winter break, you’re about to leave on one or you’re planning something fabulous to escape the cold and explore the world.

I love everything about holidays and really love to see that our freedom to explore has returned and we’re grabbing it with both hands.

The thing that often isn’t so great is the credit card bill after the holidays. The interest rate on credit cards can be debilitating and it can really take the shine off the holiday memory.

If you’re in a position where you’re paying off credit cards or other high interest debt, we may be able to help with debt consolidation options where we bundle the debt together, secure a more reasonable interest rate and you just need to make one monthly payment.

This doesn’t mean that you can go and rack up credit card debt again – but it does buy you some breathing space.

Anything we can do to help alleviate some financial pressure, we’re here for you.