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Boundaries – why are they so important?

2022-08-03T17:41:17+10:00July 27th, 2022|lifestyle|

When we think of boundaries, we often think of the boundaries we set for our kids rather than for ourselves. They're the rules and restrictions we give them to move within to keep them safe, secure and happy. But boundaries are also important in areas of our own lives and work to keep us safe and on track to achieve our goals. Boundaries can [...]

The value of mentors

2022-08-03T17:42:59+10:00July 20th, 2022|lifestyle|

Throughout my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from some great mentors - personally and professionally, formally and informally. When you take the time to look at what others do, how they do it and even why they do it, there is just so much to learn. Whether it’s about problem solving, leading, managing or setting and achieving goals, I’ve learnt so much [...]

How do you find the right home loan?

2022-07-13T14:59:33+10:00July 13th, 2022|Home loan|

It can be hard work to find the right home loan for your circumstances. So where do you start? 1. Firstly, decide what “right” means for you. Do you want flexibility to make additional repayments or security of the same repayment every month? Do you want an offset account or just the bare minimum features at the cheapest rate? 2. Consider your long term [...]

And another rate rise…

2022-07-06T12:33:06+10:00July 6th, 2022|Refinance|

Yesterday, the Reserve Bank of Australia announced the third cash rate rise in as many months. Whilst this seems a lot, this is the first of any rate rises we've seen since October 2011 when the rate started dropping from 4.75%.  The cash rate is currently sitting at 1.35% and while the actual interest rate charged by lenders is higher, the interest we're paying [...]

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