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Growth mindset

2024-06-26T09:10:20+10:00June 26th, 2024|Tips|

I’ve been noticing lately that my approach to challenges can vary greatly depending on what those challenges are. I have quite a competitive nature so if I think it’s something I can win or achieve, I tend to tackle it head on. If the challenge is out of my skill set or interest, I tend to avoid it, delegate it or deny it ever [...]

A Winning Combination

2024-06-19T10:41:51+10:00June 19th, 2024|First home buyer|

I recently read an article in a magazine about the power of mindset and mindfulness. Each of these alone have an incredibly powerful impact on the results we achieve, but when used together, they are a powerhouse - a truly winning combination. If we focus on a mindset of being successful, achieving our goals, securing our next career move, or whatever it is you [...]

Have you got itchy fit?

2024-06-12T08:02:38+10:00June 12th, 2024|Tips|

If you've got itchy feet and thinking about upgrading, downsizing or just yearning for a tree/sea/postcode change, then now is the perfect time to start preparing your home for sale. My tips to get the highest sale price are: 1. Contact a couple of local agents that have a good profile. Arrange a meeting and see what they have to say about your home [...]

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