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The secret to successful budgeting – fun money

2021-10-05T09:00:15+10:00September 29th, 2021|Money management|

Do you have a “fun money” allocation in your budget? In my experience, this is the secret to successful budgeting. Fun money is an amount allocated every month to nothing - or anything - with no accounting for it. You can spend it on whatever your heart desires without guilt or explanation. You can save it for a few months and buy something ridiculously [...]

Options for buying your first home

2021-09-23T10:04:16+10:00September 22nd, 2021|First home buyer|

Buying your first home is hard. Particularly with prices going up faster than we can save! Data from leading property researchers, CoreLogic, have shown that property values have seen their fastest pace of annual growth in the past year since February 2004. If you're not a property owner yet, this stat is pretty scary. So the answer is to find a way to make [...]

Kickass Woman – Zoe Foster Blake

2021-09-23T12:09:18+10:00September 15th, 2021|lifestyle|

When it comes to women who make things happen, Zoe Foster Blake is leading the race right now. She’s an incredibly successful entrepreneur with many strings to her bow, yet she’s never been comfortable with that title. She was a blogger before blogging was a thing, a beauty editor for Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, author of fiction, non-fiction and kids books - including Wrong [...]

3 secrets to a successful renovation

2021-09-23T15:26:52+10:00September 7th, 2021|Construction loan, Tips|

Renovating your home can be so much fun, but it can also be stressful. From my experience there are three things that are an absolute must: your vision your budget your team You have to know where you want to end up - the look and feel you're going for, the features you love, and the things you want to steer clear of. Be really [...]

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