Let’s buy that house!

2022-01-13T18:10:50+10:00January 12th, 2022|First home buyer|

I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately who want to buy a home but they’re paralysed from taking action because of property prices and uncertainty. Prices are outrageous in many instances. It is hard to save a deposit and to get finance to buy the home you want. It can be really scary and seem like an impossible task! But it’s not [...]

From first home buyer to property investor

2021-12-01T14:01:19+10:00November 24th, 2021|First home buyer, Property investor|

If you want to buy a home but you’re struggling to get your dream off the ground, it’s really important to stay focussed, keep your eye on your goal and turn down the volume on all the negatives. There are always ways to make things happen and sometimes you just need to think outside the box. The important thing is to get into the [...]

Costs for first home buyers

2021-11-02T14:46:28+10:00October 20th, 2021|First home buyer|

When you’re buying a home, it’s important that you take into account all the “other” costs so that you don’t have to live on noodles or baked beans (or fresh air) for the first few months . These costs include: stamp duty - talk to your broker about any exemptions or concessions that may be available building and pest inspection - we always recommend [...]

Options for buying your first home

2021-09-23T10:04:16+10:00September 22nd, 2021|First home buyer|

Buying your first home is hard. Particularly with prices going up faster than we can save! Data from leading property researchers, CoreLogic, have shown that property values have seen their fastest pace of annual growth in the past year since February 2004. If you're not a property owner yet, this stat is pretty scary. So the answer is to find a way to make [...]

What are your life priorities?

2021-07-14T10:35:17+10:00July 14th, 2021|First home buyer|

Are the choices you're making aligned with those priorities? Sometimes we can't quite figure out why things aren't working out the way we'd planned and then we take a step back and look at our choices, actions and behaviours and realise that they aren't in sync. No wonder they're not working out! How long since you've taken "inventory" of your priorities versus your choices? [...]

What’s stopping you?

2021-05-31T11:24:07+10:00May 27th, 2021|First home buyer|

Is there something you want to do but just can’t do it because something/everything/one thing is blocking you? Whether it’s getting a new job, employing a new team member, starting your own business, joining a gym, having a baby, buying a new home or investment property, the list goes on. I’m hearing this fear a lot at the moment from people who want to [...]

2021-22 Federal Budget – what does it mean for home buyers?

2021-05-14T14:21:22+10:00May 14th, 2021|First home buyer|

The 2021-22 Federal Budget has been delivered and there are some great incentives for home buyers. Let's take a look! First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSSS) The FHSSS allows you to save money for your first home using your super fund. The maximum amount you were able to release through this scheme was $30,000 but has now been raised to $50,000. Given low bank [...]

Buying a fixer-upper

2021-05-14T13:41:36+10:00May 12th, 2021|Construction loan, First home buyer, Next home|

The way the property market is right now, it's really important to think outside the square if you want to upgrade or even to buy your first home. Buying a property that is ripe for renovation is a great way to get your foot in the door if you're struggling to find exactly what you want at the price you can afford. But buying a [...]

How to buy a house

2021-05-03T17:55:11+10:00April 13th, 2021|First home buyer|

You want to buy a house but you can’t because the market has gone crazy. So what do you do? The thing you don’t do is nothing because you could miss a great opportunity. So keep your eye on the market, keep talking to neighbours, agents, friends, anyone who you think who could help you on your crusade. But it’s also a great time [...]

Is now a good time to buy property?

2021-02-02T17:42:07+10:00February 2nd, 2021|First home buyer|

That's a question we're asked all too often and the answer is always the same at its most simple form. If it's a good time for you to buy property, then it's a good time to buy. There will always be exceptions and factors to take into consideration - such as the economy and the property market - but it really all comes down [...]

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