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How do you find the right home loan?

2024-03-27T07:59:05+10:00March 27th, 2024|Home loan|

It can be hard work to find the right mortgage for your circumstances. So where do you start? Firstly, decide what “right” means for you. Do you want flexibility to make additional repayments or security of the same repayment every month? Do you want an offset account or just the bare minimum features at the cheapest rate? Consider your long term objectives. Are you [...]

What’s the best thing about owning a home?

2024-03-20T07:20:22+10:00March 20th, 2024|First home buyer|

Everything! Whilst the process of buying might not be easy, the “owning” is great. Here’s why: 1. It’s yours. All yours! Well, the banks too, but keep making those repayments and you don’t have to worry about that. 2. You can decorate it without having to ask permission. Paint it any colour you want, hang a picture wherever you’d like, rip up and replace [...]

7 tips for saving

2024-03-13T08:28:33+10:00March 13th, 2024|Money management|

Do you want to save instead of spend? Here are my top tips to get your bank balance going up instead of down. Cancel a subscription for 6 months. Do you really need Netflix, Stan, Disney, Prime, HayU, Foxtel, and Spotify? Getting rid of just one for 6 months would save you at least $60. Hold onto your phone for an extra 6-12 [...]

My Magic Number

2024-03-06T08:23:28+10:00March 6th, 2024|lifestyle|

I've found that three is my magic number when it comes to planning. I set myself three big goals to accomplish within three years with check-ins every three months. And it works - for me. It's not too long, or too short, too many or too few. Are you an active goal-setter? Do you have a number or formula that works for you? I [...]

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