I’ve found that three is my magic number when it comes to planning. I set myself three big goals to accomplish within three years with check-ins every three months. And it works – for me. It’s not too long, or too short, too many or too few.

Are you an active goal-setter? Do you have a number or formula that works for you?

I find that having goals with timeframes and milestones makes me much more focused and my actions far more aligned to propel me in the direction I want to travel. Otherwise, I’m floating aimlessly, bouncing from one idea to another without an end point in sight.

If you have plans to buy your first home, your next home, renovate, build or invest, I strongly recommend that you spend some time setting goals – really exploring what you want, what your options are, what actions you need to take, what research is required and your timeframe.

Sometimes, especially in the current market, things (like timing) are a little out of your control, but you need a starting point and an end point and alignment through the middle.

We’re here to help with finance, goal setting, keeping you motivated and anything else you need to keep you on track to achieve your home ownership dreams.