Who are your mentors? Who inspires you? Who do you learn from?

As we get older I’ve found that our mind tends to shut down a little to learning because we kinda know a lot. We’ve got experience, we’ve achieved stuff, we’ve had successes.

But, in my experience, I’ve found that I have so much more to learn. I just have to find the right people to learn from.

Who is going to expand my thinking? What is going to inspire me to think about things differently? Who has achieved something amazing who may have lessons they can teach me? Who has achieved something quite simple in a way I hadn’t thought of?

Who has done something really bad that I can also learn from? Who can teach me what not to do and how not to do it?

For me, learning is one of my highest values and I’m constantly on the lookout for those learning opportunities and I love when I find them!

I also love it when I get to be the teacher – when I’m mentoring a team member who is hungry to learn, a new mortgage broker to the industry who is excited about what’s ahead, one of my sons who actually thinks there may be value in something I say (which is quite rare as they get older!)

My tip for the day is to keep your ears, eyes and mind open for those learning opportunities. They may just change your thinking – or it might change your world.

Lap it up and learn everything you can. You just never know when you will find that nugget of gold.