What’s the plan?

Are you an organiser or a “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” type?

Planning is something that I either excel at or is a complete nightmare.

In my experience, every good plan starts with a list.

On the good days I power through my list, like a master of productivity. Totally unstoppable, laser focused and determined to tick off every item. It’s like I’m an athlete in the high performance zone!
Other days (thankfully not often) I don’t even get to look at my list because I’m putting out fires, solving problems or dealing with other things that are more exciting or immediate than those on my list.

Those unproductive days can be frustrating, yet somehow they seem necessary. They’re a reminder that we’re human and not robots. That we are flexible enough to respond to situations as they arise. That sometimes not everything goes to plan.

They’re the contrast that make those productive days seem so great. Like the rainy days that make us appreciate the sunny days even more.

Yet I cope. And at the end of every unproductive day I come back tomorrow with good intentions to work through that list – and I usually do.

Sometimes I just need to work on Plan B rather than Plan A – and that’s OK – as long as it’s not every day.

Do you have days like that?