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Has your ideal home location changed?

2022-02-28T17:12:12+10:00February 23rd, 2022|Next home|

Since Covid hit and brought with it the opening up of options to work from home and the realignment of many of our values, Aussies are having a love affair with regional areas. And I totally get it! CoreLogic’s quarterly Regional Market Update shows Australia’s 25 largest non-capital city regions continued to achieve unprecedented increases in value. Over the 12 months to January 2022, [...]

Where is your focus? Earning or spending?

2022-02-16T20:21:51+10:00February 16th, 2022|Money management|

One of the biggest misperceptions that we have is that the more we earn, the more we’ll have. Sadly, this isn’t always right and it ends up being “the more we earn, the more we spend”. It’s a little trick that our mind often plays on us that when we have “extra”, we can afford it, or you can reward yourself for working harder [...]

An amazing display of sportsmanship

2022-02-14T12:08:35+10:00February 9th, 2022|lifestyle|

I was going to write about Ash Barty this week as her performance at the Australian Open was phenomenal - but then along came the Winter Olympics and the snowboarders competing in the women’s slopestyle final. They truly blew me away. Every single one of them. Not only did they display amazing athleticism, skill, daring and lots of death defying tricks, but their display [...]

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