When it comes to women who make things happen, Zoe Foster Blake is leading the race right now.

She’s an incredibly successful entrepreneur with many strings to her bow, yet she’s never been comfortable with that title.

She was a blogger before blogging was a thing, a beauty editor for Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, author of fiction, non-fiction and kids books – including Wrong Girl which was made into a TV series that ran for two seasons, and award winning kids book, No One Likes a Fart.

In 2014 she launched successful skin care range Go-To and then Gro-To (for babies and kids) and later Bro-To (for the blokes). As stated on her website, there are already three billion skin care products on the market, yet Zoe’s products managed to cut through and described as being “uncomplicated, easy to use, fun, useful and genuinely effective”.

SMH talks of her brand’s success, “Go-To has boomed during the coronavirus pandemic, selling about one Transformazing sheet mask every minute to record revenue of $38 million last year, as consumers treated themselves with skincare products.”

How amazing is that!!!

Zoe is also incredibly likeable. I’ve never met her but I feel like I have. I’ve heard her on podcasts, read her blogs, read her books, read articles about her, seen her on TV. I’d love to have a glass of bubbly and a chat with her.

Zoe is a mum, a wife and an incredibly successful business woman.

Did I mention she just sold half of her skin care business for $89m. I think the title of entrepreneur should sit comfortably on her shoulders now.

As should the title of one seriously kickass woman.

Well done Zoe!