I’ve been noticing lately that my approach to challenges can vary greatly depending on what those challenges are.

I have quite a competitive nature so if I think it’s something I can win or achieve, I tend to tackle it head on. If the challenge is out of my skill set or interest, I tend to avoid it, delegate it or deny it ever existed.

So I’ve asked myself, is that the best use of my skills or am I missing out on some growth opportunities here?

So my goal for July is to become mindful of my approach to the “good” challenges. What is it that excites me about them? What motivates me to jump in boots and all? How do I start, continue and finish on the project? What am I learning from the challenge?

Equally, I want to analyse my approach/avoidance to the “bad” challenges. What makes me avoid it? Is there an opportunity to grow or learn if I break it down and tackle it myself? Am I better delegating it to someone who is better skilled at achieving it? Is it worthwhile for that person to talk me through their approach to completing the challenge?

There will always be things that we’re good at and things that we’re not so good at, and I think it’s important that we know our skill set and our limits. But I also think we need to review that box we put ourselves in every now and then to see if we can make it a little larger and a little more interesting.

What’s your approach to challenges?