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Getting your finances organised

2021-02-02T17:13:39+10:00January 27th, 2021|Money management|

The last 10-11 months have been different - to say the least. Many of us have adjusted to working from home, not working at all or being chaotically busy at work. Parents have had to figure out how to home school, entertain their kids and keep them mentally and physically fit without playdates, sport and so many of the activities that are a normal [...]

Is your wardrobe your biggest investment?

2021-02-02T11:14:52+10:00January 20th, 2021|lifestyle|

Whether it’s clothes, shoes, handbags, jewellery or watches, I get it. I love them too and am guilty of having the most amazing handbag and watch collection in my early 20s. But investing in your wardrobe is not the right thing to invest in if you want to get ahead financially. There will always be a reason to lash on out something to make [...]


2020-12-17T16:40:12+10:00December 17th, 2020|Money management|

It's interesting to think about all the things we learn from our families. The traditions that are passed on. The values, the beliefs, the patterns and the habits. At Christmas time, we see them all. It's almost like there is a spotlight shining on our family traditions for all to see. When do you put up your tree? Do you decorate the front of [...]

How do you decide where to buy property and what type of property to buy?

2020-12-17T22:19:43+10:00December 14th, 2020|Tips|

This is a question that is commonly asked by our clients and one that has very different answers depending on whether you’re buying a home or investment property. The one common denominator is that it’s all about your goals. What are you aiming to achieve by buying a property? * Getting onto the property ladder * Creating wealth * Securing a home for you [...]

Tis the season for a blowout

2020-12-17T21:47:06+10:00December 12th, 2020|Tips|

... but does it have to be? December is notorious for excesses. Over spending, over eating, over drinking, over partying and just having too much fun in general. So how do you keep it manageable? How do you stay on track with your goals and your plans? How do you still have the fun without the blowout? It's all in the planning! Especially when [...]

Achieving your goals before the end of 2020

2020-12-17T22:51:09+10:00December 1st, 2020|Money management|

December certainly seemed to arrive quickly this year but we've got almost a whole month left until 2021 arrives to achieve those goals we set in January. How are you going with them? Have you ticked off any or achieved any milestones along the way? Or have you thrown away the rule book? It's been a year like no other and has had many [...]

Investing in property

2020-11-19T22:16:59+10:00November 19th, 2020|Property investor|

The Great Australia Dream has always been to buy a home. In more recent years, it seems to have progressed to “buy two homes” - or more. Property investing is now such a highly desirable goal of so many Aussies that it’s become pretty commonplace and it seems that everyone is an expert on the subject. There are lots of opinions about where to [...]

Is now the time to invest in property in Queensland?

2020-11-17T15:56:08+10:00November 17th, 2020|Property investor|

There’s a whole lot of talk about the sea change that’s coming where everyone flocks to Queensland to live in harmony in the wake of the pandemic chasing lifestyle and affordability. Headlines in one publication are saying that COVID could push Queensland property prices up by 20% and, in another, that Sydney and Melbourne residents are flocking to the Sunshine Coast for a lifestyle [...]