There comes a time when you just know you’re ready for your next home. If you’re in a relationship, hopefully your partner comes to the realisation at the same time!

Sometimes you need more space, sometimes you need less. You might want to get out of the city or get closer to the city. You might want more outdoor space or less maintenance. You might want to move closer to family – or further from them!

Whatever your reasons for the change, it’s good to get a plan together.

A great place to start is where you want to move to and what you want to buy. Put together a list of your ideal streets, your must haves in the property and the deal breakers. Brainstorm it with your partner and agree on what you’re looking for.

Start looking – check out what’s online, phone agents for price guides, go to some open homes. You need to become familiar with the local market so that when you find your next home, you’ve got knowledge of what’s sold recently and how much it’s sold for. This will place you in good stead for making offers and negotiating.

Look at your home with fresh eyes. What will potential buyers see when they look at your home. What needs de-cluttering? What needs some TLC? What needs major work? Put together a list, decide on your priorities and your budget and get to work.

Find an agent. This can be the trickiest part of all! Real estate agents often promise the world, but not all of them deliver. Ask friends, families and neighbours for recommendations. Go to some open homes that recommended agents are holding and see how they present the home they’re selling. Would you be happy buying from them? Make sure you ask for justification on what they think your property is worth. Most agents will happily come to your home and give you a valuation – but make sure it’s supported by RECENT local sales results.

Speak to your mortgage broker. You need to know how much money you can access and discuss anything you can do to improve how good you look to lenders. Sometimes you need to cancel a credit card or track your spending for a few months. Your broker will be able to tell you what you need to do – just don’t leave it to the last minute!

Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re buying, putting thought and planning into it is only to help you buy well.

Please let us know if we can help arrange finance!

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