To say that I’m thrilled that my business won bronze in Service Business of the Year for the Roar Awards is a massive understatement.

2020 was a huge challenge for all of us. Like many of us, I had to make a decision whether to pull back, reduce everything and go into survival mode to make sure we were OK or take a risk and throw everything into making sure our clients were OK.

I chose the latter. My team was behind me 100%.

We set call targets and rang every client to make a welfare call. It wasn’t a sales call. It was a check-in to see how they were and if we could help with any financial strain they were under. We were very clear in our mindset that the entire purpose was welfare – not sales.

It was about service and valuing our clients.

The result was sales. Our clients were so appreciative of the fact that we cared about them that they told their friends. Who told their friends.

It took my business to the next level, but most importantly, it gave my team something positive to focus on and it showed our clients that we cared.

We kicked ass and I’m beyond proud of my team, my business and the fact that we actually made a difference to our clients’ day when they needed it most.