Retirement… is this something you’re planning for now or something that will just happen when you get there?

It seems that you’re in one of two camps – the active wealth creators or the passive savers.

The active wealth creators have strategies in place to “grow” their money. They’re investing in shares or property – or both. They have a number that they’re aiming to get to and they’re monitoring their progress and making adjustments along the way to make sure they’re on track for their “holy grail”.

The passive savers are relying on their superannuation to provide for their retirement. They may be adding to their balance by making personal contributions as well as the compulsory contributions from their employers but they pretty much figure that their super will see them out.

So which camp are you in? The Growers or the Savers?

I’m firmly in the Growers camp. I want my retirement to be fabulous – just like my life is now. Why should I penny pinch in my latter years when I should be relaxing and enjoying life.

For me, I’m growing wealth by investing in property. I’m investing strategically and, with the help of some experts in the field, I find properties that meet my investing strategy and budget.

I’m not very good at this passive stuff and leaving things to chance.

How are you preparing for your retirement? If you’re interested in growing wealth through property investment, I’d love to chat!