If you’ve taken on the challenge to improve your money management, you will notice that it takes a while to change old habits. It might feel like sometimes you’re taking two steps forward and one backwards. As long as you keep your focus on your goal rather than your slip-ups, you will get there.

Hopefully, you should be starting the shift from “mindless” money management to “mindful”, where you become more conscious of what you’re doing and how you’re spending.

My next tip is to hone your innovation and negotiation skills.

Now is the time to get creative and innovative on what you do for fun, how you buy things, what you spend your money on and where you spend it. It’s easy to keep doing the same old things, buying the same goods from the same places. But could you be doing more fun things that cost less money? Could you be saving money buying different things?

How long since you’ve checked that you’re on the best deal with your electricity/gas and phone supplier?

What about your car, home and health insurance?

Bank fees, credit card fees, all those other fees that just disappear out of your bank account every month.

Could you be doing better and reducing those costs?

Have some fun. Think outside the box. Start negotiating for better deals. Don’t settle for what’s easy and familiar if you could be doing it better and cheaper.

Let me know your victories and any challenges you’re having. I’d love to hear from you!

It’s your time to shine.