You know how at work you seem to have meetings over everything, well you need to have money meetings at home if you’re serious about saving for a house…

At work, some meetings are effective, some aren’t so effective. It’s your job to make sure your money meeting is effective. If you’re saving with your partner, make sure you’re both in attendance and fully committed. If you’re saving solo, make the commitment to have a meeting with yourself at regular intervals – every month or quarter.

In a good meeting, the situation is reviewed, the issue is discussed, information is shared, a plan is put in place and action steps are agreed to.

Progress is made.

This is what needs to be happening. You need to be giving attention to your financial matters.

Your agenda could be something like this:

  1. Review savings balance
  2. Review spending plan
  3. Revise what’s working and what’s not
  4. Agree to strategies to fix what’s not
  5. Review and commit to target
  6. Discuss action required before next meeting and agree to who does what
  7. Agree to date of next meeting

If you want to keep on track and stay accountable, you need to have steps in place to review, revise and celebrate milestones.

Have a meeting. Give this the attention it deserves!