No matter how strong our resolve is, no matter how much we want something, no matter how well we’ve been doing, there usually comes a time when we fall off the wagon.

I fell off my “money management” wagon last week – and I’d been doing so well! I’ve got a pretty big goal to pay off my mortgage, so I’ve got a spending plan that has been working really well for the last couple of years. I can see my target getting closer and my motivation is high.

But…. don’t you hate those “but”s!

I painted a wall in my house and the beautiful new wall made everything else in the room look drab and in need of some new life.

Once set free from my self imposed constraints I got a bit of an adrenalin rush and found it hard to stop spending. There were so many beautiful things!

Thankfully I managed to reel myself in before I went too far, but it really did demonstrate to me how easy it is to fall back into old habits and patterns.

Rather than beat myself up over it, I forgave myself and moved on. I got that picture of my goal, “life without a mortgage” and the freedom that brings, and I felt everything settle into place again.

It’s a great reminder that we need to have a really compelling goal to work towards. A goal that we’re committed to and really passionate about. Not just the goal but everything that comes with it.

For me, life without a mortgage will allow myself and my family freedom. We can take a sabbatical from work, have time out with the kids, travel, or keep working and invest or save for our retirement.

It’s a goal that means a lot to me. It’s a goal that is more important than having a house or wardrobe full of stuff.

What do you do when you fall off the wagon? How do you get back on? How do you make sure your goal is compelling enough to keep you on track?

If you want to create a spending plan to either help you save a deposit for your first home or to pay off your mortgage faster, let me know. I’d love to help.

Caroline Jean-Baptiste
Mortgage Choice
Fortitude Valley and Brisbane

PS It’s not only the Matilda’s who can score goals!