The Great Australia Dream has always been to buy a home. In more recent years, it seems to have progressed to “buy two homes” – or more.

Property investing is now such a highly desirable goal of so many Aussies that it’s become pretty commonplace and it seems that everyone is an expert on the subject. There are lots of opinions about where to invest, the next “hotspot”, what type of property to buy and whether it should be positively or negatively geared.

The thing is, every one of those “experts” could be right. There could be a whole lot of merit in the information they’re sharing. But it’s also highly probable that their information is outdated or based on the selection criteria that worked for their particular financial circumstances and investing goals.

When you’re starting on the path towards investing in property, the best piece of advice I can give you is to talk to experts and tailor your investment on your own goals and finances – not someone else.

For an investment loan, talk to us – we’re investment loan specialists and can help you structure your loan so it works for you. For property selection, we recommend Blue Wealth. They are the leaders in their field and their personal service is excellent. We’re also happy to refer you to financial planners, conveyancers, accountants, building inspectors and even property managers.

Don’t invest without great advice. It’s a huge risk to take when you don’t need to.

Give me a call if you want to discuss your plans. I’d love to help!