There’s a whole lot of talk about the sea change that’s coming where everyone flocks to Queensland to live in harmony in the wake of the pandemic chasing lifestyle and affordability.

Headlines in one publication are saying that COVID could push Queensland property prices up by 20% and, in another, that Sydney and Melbourne residents are flocking to the Sunshine Coast for a lifestyle change now that they’ve figured out the whole remote working thing.

Properties from Coolangatta to Cairns are reported to be selling fast and at good prices, rental vacancies from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast are at an all time low with demand skyrocketing.

These claims are being made by property experts and backed up by leading property researchers.

So does this mean you should run out and buy an investment property in Queensland?

Maybe… but not without planning and forethought.

There’s always a danger of getting caught up in the headlines – being excited by the promise without doing your homework.

If you’re thinking of investing in property and you’re in a position to do so, now seems to be a good time to buy. As always, make sure it fits into your plan and not someone else’s. Get advice, talk to experts and consider the pros, the cons and the cashflow.

It really will be interesting to see how the dust settles – when it settles.

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