So you want to buy a home.

Do you really? How badly? Badly enough to modify your spending habits, tone down your social life, cut back on your excesses?

Chances are high that you will have to do all three to save your deposit. And then you will have the next 30 years or so to pay it off.

Is it still so appealing?

For most of us, it is.

It’s the security of knowing that you have a roof over your head, a home for your family, an asset that will grow over time. It’s the accomplishment of a lifelong goal.

But it’s also hard work and easy to lose focus on your goal when it takes time to achieve.

So what are you doing to keep your motivation high? What are you doing to reassure yourself that by skipping the night out, the dinner with friends, the new dress/suit/shoes, the 5 star holiday – that it will be worth it in the end.

The sacrifices won’t be forever. The home will be.

Here are some tips to keep your motivation high:

  • Create a vision board with photos of your dream home – look at it often.
  • Write a story to yourself as if you’ve just bought the home and read it often – update it as required.
  • Break down your savings goals into smaller milestones so that you notice that you’re getting somewhere.
  • Don’t deprive yourself of all the good things in life. This just leads to a blowout.
  • Surround yourself with people who are supportive of your goals and ask them for support when needed.
  • Talk to other home owners about how they achieved their goal and borrow some of their ideas for inspiration.
  • Keep looking at properties – online and in person.
  • Go to auctions.
  • Write a list of 100 fun things you can do that won’t cost a lot of money.
  • Plan a fabulous holiday on a shoestring budget to prove that you can have it all… maybe not the 5 stars, but a holiday nonetheless.
  • Celebrate the little victories along the way!

What do you do to keep motivated?

Remember that I’m here cheering you on – and there are probably others that are joining me in the cheer squad.

Good luck!