We’ve seen that the first steps to becoming a kickass money master are:

  1. Motivation
  2. Owning your Now
  3. Negotiating

Your next step is to evolve your habits and there are a few things you need to make that happen. Two of them that work hand-in-hand are structure and systems.

These can be:

  • Your spending plan
  • Your automatic payments for bills
  • Different bank accounts for essentials, non-essentials and savings
  • Withdrawing allocated cash each pay period and splitting it into envelopes for each category in your spending plan
  • Meal planning and limiting your grocery shopping to weekly trips only
  • Whatever you need to keep you on the success train!

The plan here is to move you from mindless spending to mindful spending and the structure and systems are what you need to help with the transition.

It may take a bit of time to get organised in the beginning and then max half an hour a week for your money allocating and meal planning – but then you don’t have to think about money or meals again for the rest of the week because you’ve got it all sorted!

Get your structure and systems in place now. They are a major stepping stone to your successful metamorphosis from cash strapped to cashed up.

It’s your time to shine.

My book, Buy That House, How Kickass Women Make it Happen is packed full of info to help you with structure and systems. Check it out here.

Or if you feel like you need some more practical support to improve your money management, my course is designed for women just like you. The strategies, structure and systems that we cover have worked for me and have worked for hundreds of my clients. Check it out here.

Take care. Spend mindfully and watch your financial position improve right before your eyes.


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