How do you know you’re getting the balance right?

So often we’re faced with decisions that have an impact on the balance of our life. Do we stay up late because we’re having fun with friends and then suffer in the morning because we still have to get up early?

Do we skip out of work early because it’s the only time we can fit in that gym class we’ve been dying to go to and then make up lost time tomorrow?

Do we scrimp and save our pennies this week only to have a spending blow out next week?

Do we find that we’re in an “all or nothing” spinning wheel? Or can we find a place of balance – the yin and the yang, the give and the take?

I used to be the all or nothing girl, but with age and maturity (sometimes questionable according to my friends!) I’ve found that balance suits me, my goals, my business and my lifestyle better.

I’ve found tools and strategies that help me manage my time, money and energy levels and whilst I still have the occasional blow out, on the whole, finding that balance works for me.

Where do you sit on the balance scale? What tools and strategies help you keep a more even keel? Or is it the excitement of living on the edge that keeps things real for you?

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