One of my favourite words in the world is “yet”.

Adding it to the end of a sentence is so powerful and totally changes your mindset.

I can’t do it… yet.
I don’t have enough money… yet.
I don’t have the skills… yet.
I’m not fit enough… yet.
I don’t have time… yet.
I’m not ready… yet.

That tiny little three letter word opens up a world of possibility. It reminds you that you can – you just need to do a few things before you’re able to.

It puts the concept of action into a goal or plan rather than a dead halt. It helps you to pause and think of the things that are stopping you from doing it right now and put a plan together to move through that block.

It’s awesome!

So next time you think you can’t do something, add “yet” to the end of your statement and take a few minutes to think of how you can change your “can’t” to a “can”.

If you’re managing a team or parenting kids, talking to a partner or friend or even a parent and they’re halted in their plans because they’re not ready, throw in the word “yet”. See what it does. See how their mindset can change. See how you can help them move through the roadblock. See their options expand when they open their mind to the possibilities.

If you’re not ready to buy a house yet, let’s chat to see what actions you need to add to your plan to achieve your goal.