What’s your “Why” when it comes to deciding on what to do in life?

I have clients who come to me wanting an investment loan and I ask them why they want to invest in property. Many don’t know. It’s just something they want to do.

I have clients that want a first home loan and I ask them why they want to buy their first home. Many don’t know. It’s just something they want to do – or the pain of renting or living at home is too great.

From my experience, the people who have a strong “why” are the people who make things happen faster and often more successfully.

The investor who has a strategy to build wealth and reduce tax often finds a property that meets their brief faster than someone who doesn’t. They know what they’re looking for. They have a checklist and they have focus and motivation. They buy their first investment property and start planning for their second. Because that’s what their “why” is telling them to do.

The first home buyer who wants to take their first step onto the property ladder with a small, affordable property, with the intention to hold it for five years before buying their next home, usually does so faster and more successfully than someone who doesn’t really have a plan.

The athlete with the strong “why” has a better chance of representing their country than someone who is just good at their sport. The business person with a strong “why” will often succeed with their own business than someone who just fell into it.

My “why” is what drives me and keeps me motivated. It keeps me hungry for more. To be more, to achieve more. It also gives me something to be incredibly proud of because I can look back and see the steps I’ve taken to achieve my goals.

What’s your “why”? Is it strong enough to get you through the #challenges and keep you on the path to success?