So many women that I speak with are afraid that they will never be able to afford the dream home in their dream suburb. They worry that they’ll never be able to get a loan. And they don’t know how they’ll ever be able to save a big enough deposit.

I even thought that I would never own a home myself, so I know their pain!

With the cost of living increasing and property prices skyrocketing, it can feel like being able to afford to buy a home is becoming impossible.

The media is constantly reporting the lack of affordability and it’s easy to be convinced that home ownership is no longer an option for anyone in their 20s and 30s – or women who often earn less than their male colleagues.

Equal work for equal pay was only introduced in 1969, yet it didn’t resolve the problem of women being paid less than men on average. Many women take time out of the workforce to accommodate caring and additional responsibilities, impacting career progression and other opportunities, and creating the gender pay gap. In Australia in 2019 the gender pay gap sat at 14.1% – meaning women on average working full-time earn $239.80 less per week than men.

Most women end up with less superannuation at retirement, and a divorce in a lifetime is becoming more common, impacting both parties financially.

With economists talking about a property boom (what is that anyway?) and then the doom and gloom about an oversupply of properties, and the government talking about taking away negative gearing (huh?), increasing fuel prices, public transport costs, electricity bills and the price of the simple little luxury of smashed avocado for breakfast, it all seems like a massive minefield and totally unattainable.

Unemployment rates, the reduction of demand for Australian resources in China, the whole COVID fallout, the low Australian dollar, the high Australian Dollar, the crisis in Europe, the property market in the UK, natural disasters, genocide, dictators, drug wars aargh! All this negativity makes it hard to keep a positive view of our future. And
how is it even relevant? You just want to buy a home!

Why not just give up the dream and chase luxuries and lifestyle? It seems a lot more fun. But where does that leave you in the future?

Without a property… not where you want to be.

Focus on your goal, fade out the rest.

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