There’s one thing that’s really being highlighted around the world right now and that’s the importance of connection.

It’s a basic human need that so many of us are being deprived of at the moment and it’s having a big impact on us.

We can’t see family or friends, we can’t live life as we usually do and whilst we know that it’s all for the greater good, it’s still hard.

So it’s a good time to think about your connections.

Who is important in your life? How often do you see them or talk to them? And I don’t mean like their posts on Insta.

Are there people you’d like to see more of? People you’d like to see less of? Are there better ways that you could be connecting? What are you doing during social isolation to nurture your relationships and connections?

Professionally, how well connected are you? Could you build more connections to help you either build your business or make the next career move?

However you connect and whoever you’re connecting with, make sure you’re not feeling isolated. If you need to reach out to someone, do it.

Take care, be kind to yourself, stay well, stay safe, stay connected.