If you want to buy a home before Christmas, you’d better get your skates on!

With the standard 6 week settlement, this weekend is shaping up to huge for auctions with home owners wanting to move in before Christmas.

Just as importantly, you really need to have your finance in place because lenders (and brokers) just can’t make magic happen overnight.

Some banks have even announced that for loans to settle before Christmas we need to be submitting applications no later than next week.

Then we need to remember that most banks just have skeleton staff working between Christmas and New Year, which slows things down a whole lot.

So the message is: if you want to buy a home in November, December, January or even February, let’s talk and get your finance ready.

Imagine the disappointment of missing out on your dream home because your finance wasn’t in place. That would be hard to deal with!

Get onto it now. We’re ready to make it happen for you!