I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately who want to buy a home but they’re paralysed from taking action because of property prices and uncertainty.

Prices are outrageous in many instances. It is hard to save a deposit and to get finance to buy the home you want.

It can be really scary and seem like an impossible task!

But it’s not going to get easier.

Prices aren’t going to come down to a point where they’re more affordable. Interest rates are unlikely to get lower than they are right now. It’s not going to get easier to save a deposit.

So if you want to buy a home, you have to find a way to make it happen.

Either bite the bullet and find a way to buy the home you want or change your goal.

Buy an investment property. Buy a smaller home a couple of suburbs away from your target location. Ask family to help with the deposit. Find smarter ways to save – like using First Home Super Saver. Get tougher with your saving plan. Buy with a relative or friend – just make sure you have a legal agreement in place for your exit strategy.

One of the things I love most in my work is to help people achieve their goals of home ownership.

If you want to buy a home and are finding it hard, or you know someone who is, please get in contact and we can talk through options, look at your savings plan, calculate your borrowing capacity, look at your motivators.

We can come up with a strategy to help you secure that home.

Make this year the year that you achieve this massive goal.

Wouldn’t that be fabulous!