A whole lot of us have been plunged back into lockdown and it doesn’t feel great. Concerns over our health and financial security have arisen again, as has our sanity. For those of us with kids, I’m not sure if navigating home schooling was harder than dealing with the disappointment of lost holiday plans and lack of structure.

But we will get through this. A positive attitude, a plan and remaining connected is my survival strategy right now.

To maintain my positive attitude, I’ve turned off free to air TV so I’m not bombarded with media hype. I’m keeping informed via news sites and can pick and choose what is coming in. I’m also exercising, by myself and with my family. “Me-time” is essential for my sanity – as is finding fun ways to connect with my mum, hubby and kids. I’m also doing my best to practice mindfulness and meditation. This is more of a challenge for me, but I’m giving it a red hot go!

My plan is to keep looking forward. Keeping thinking about ways I can improve myself, my skills, my team and my business, and also help my clients. I’m also mid renovation, so I’m constantly thinking about house plans.

Connection is key when we’re isolated, so creativity is our friend. I’m spending more time on the phone to friends and extended family than I have in a while, I’m chatting to neighbours on my daily walks. I’ve resumed Friday Zoom drinks and have joined my neighbours for a leisurely glass of wine over the back fence. I’m playing games with my kids and talking a lot!

My hope is that we, as individuals and a nation, not just survive but thrive at the other end.

How are you? What are you doing to manage the strains and stresses that are re-emerging?