Milestones are the little stepping stones along the path of life that let me know that I’m on track to achieve my goals, however big and audacious they are.

They’re my little celebratory points that give me a moment to pause, check in, do a little happy dance and then continue with the momentum needed to get to where I’m going.

When I work with clients who are on the path towards buying their first home, I always encourage them to have milestones for their goal otherwise saving for a deposit and actually buying that home is a huge task.

Working with upgraders and investors is the same. Breaking their goals down into achievable chunks is so very important to help them recognise and acknowledge their progress and maintain momentum.

When I work with my team on their goals and our company goals, we make sure those milestones are in the plan so we can stay on track and celebrate those little wins. I’ve also found that they’re a great way to keep my team motivated, focused and connected.

They’re also perfect for accountability.

In my experience, the milestones are the journey that helps us reach our destination.

Do you break your goals down into milestones? What keeps you motivated and accountable?