I don’t know about you but Christmas is always a bit of a crazy time for our family. The lead up is busy with shopping, end of year school and work stuff and catching up with friends.

Then we have Christmas itself and then summer holidays are in full swing.

It’s a time of year that I absolutely love but it can also be exhausting if I’m not prepared and if I don’t make time to sit and enjoy.

So I thought I’d share my preparations in case you’re a bit like me and need lists!

  • Speaking of lists, gift shopping lists, food shopping lists, things to do lists. I thrive on them! Write everything on a list – once it’s in black and white in front of you, it can leave your head and make room for more relaxing and pleasurable thoughts.
  • Budgets! Add a budget to the shopping lists and stick to them.
  • Delegation. Don’t try to do it all yourself – especially the “things to do” list. Your kids will probably be looking for spending money for the holidays, so, if necessary, pay them to do some chores around the house. Otherwise organise a family working bee to get ready for the holidays.
  • Get it done. As Nike says, just do it.

I want to get to the end of Christmas and summer holidays and feel like I’ve relaxed, enjoyed my family and the time we’ve had. I don’t want to be spending every day thinking about the jobs I should be doing or the debt I’ve accumulated, or am still accumulating. That serves no purpose at all.

So getting organised and having budgets are my keys. And whatever doesn’t get done before the holidays will just have to wait because not only do I need time out, but I want time out.

The other day I was listening to a podcast with world champ surfer and ultimate kickass woman, Layne Beachley and she has a life philosophy that if something doesn’t get a “hell yeah”, then it gets a “hell no”.

I’m going to try this out these holidays and see how I go.

Do you have something that works well for you during this busy and often expensive time of year?