Renovating. It can turn your “nice home” into your dream home. You just have to make sure the process doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

My top 3 tips for renovating are:

  1. Research. Figure out exactly what you want and why and then who can do it for you. Get referrals to builders and tradies or DIY classes if you’re planning on taking it on yourself. Don’t make a move before you’ve done your research
  2. Budget. How much are you willing to spend on the reno and are you doing it with the intention of it adding value to your home or the quality of your life? If you’re doing it to add value, make sure you think about ROI. With building, I always make sure I add extra for contingency or lock the builder into a firm quote
  3. Time and Timing. How long will the work take? Will you be able to live around it or do you need to move out for a while? If you’re planning on having work completed before a special event or Christmas, leave yourself plenty of time because you don’t need the added stress of delays ruining those events.

These three tips aren’t just about renovating though. They can be about anything at all. They seem to be the foundation required for most projects, don’t you think?