Do you have savings goals?

Like all goals, they’re so important to keep you on track, focussed and working towards something. And the best part about goals is that you get to celebrate when you achieve both the goals and the milestones along the way!

If you have a plan to buy or renovate your house, upgrade appliances, take a holiday, buy a new bike/surfboard/camera/whatever piece of equipment you need for a hobby that gets you excited, then set a goal, set realistic milestones and get to work.

When you’re applying for a loan, it’s also great to be able to demonstrate that you’re able to consistently save money.

My tips:

  1. Put your savings away first and have them in a separate bank account to your normal every day account.
  2. Make sure your goal excites you and
  3. Strategically place photos around your house, in your wallet or on your phone to keep your eye on the prize.

Are you saving for something?