There’s a whole lot of hype you can get caught up in right now relating to the property market and interest rates.

The media is reporting huge price growth for property and there are some ridiculously low interest rates available.

But you need to remember one thing: Does it work with your game plan to buy, sell or re-finance right now?

If it’s appealing, then get onto it! Talk to real estate agents and your mortgage broker. Make it happen.

If it’s not appealing, don’t get caught up in the hype!

It’s the same in so many areas of our life. If things are booming, we want to be part of it. If something is looking like a cash cow, we want in. If a party sounds fabulous, we’ll drag ourselves off the couch to join in even if we’re exhausted or happy with our original plans.

Sometimes it works out and we’re happy to have joined in. Sometimes not.

The key is to run your own race. Take a breather and make sure you’re working your game plan. Not someone else’s.

Have you been caught up in the hype?