The aim of securing the “right” mortgage is always about getting the best combination of rates and features to suit the borrower.

For some, this will be getting the absolute lowest interest rate because the aim is to pay the mortgage off asap. No bells, no whistles, just the cheapest rate.

For others, they may be willing to pay a little more so they get some flexibility in their loan. They may be planning on making extra payments in preparation for maternity leave or in case of a break in their employment. They may have their salary paid into an offset account so that they can reduce the interest payable on their loan. Or they may want the ability to “store” extra money in their home loan account and then redraw it for renovations or home improvements.

Mortgages aren’t always all about the interest rates.

They are about you and what you need.

Make sure you have a good mortgage broker who asks what YOU want from your home loan. It makes a huge difference if the get the mortgage that suits your needs now as well as your plans for tomorrow.