I’ve just spent a whole long weekend at Hamilton Island saying “It’s so beautiful” and feeling so much gratitude for the life that I’ve created.

As a reward and celebration for January being our biggest month in 15 years of business, I took my team to Hamilton Island to say thank you and it was the best weekend ever.

Not only were we in one of the most beautiful places on earth, but I was surrounded by a group of fun, dedicated, intelligent women who I’m proud to call my team.

We laughed, we ate, we drank, we snorkelled, we zoomed around on golf buggies, we swam, we danced while swimming. We had fun, we talked, we bonded and we admired so much beauty.

If you haven’t been away for a while, do it. If you haven’t had a team bonding experience for a while, do it. If you haven’t been to Hamilton Island, book today. And, just for me, when you stand on the top of One Tree Hill (or pretty much anywhere on the island), say “So beautiful”. Because it truly is. All of it.

And how lucky/blessed/fortunate am I to have created this life! Thank you for the part you’ve played in it.