… but does it have to be?

December is notorious for excesses. Over spending, over eating, over drinking, over partying and just having too much fun in general.

So how do you keep it manageable? How do you stay on track with your goals and your plans? How do you still have the fun without the blowout?

It’s all in the planning! Especially when it comes to the spending.

For gifts, write lists of who you’re buying for and present ideas and your budget. And stick to it.

For food, write menu plans then shopping lists. And stick to them!

For partying, catch ups and celebrations, go and have fun but listen to your body too. If it needs to dance, dance. If it needs to sleep, have an early night. If you could do with a night off drinking, take it.

End the year well and start 2020 without the blowout hangover.

What’s your kryptonite when it comes to blowouts and how do you overcome it?