Are the choices you’re making aligned with those priorities?

Sometimes we can’t quite figure out why things aren’t working out the way we’d planned and then we take a step back and look at our choices, actions and behaviours and realise that they aren’t in sync.
No wonder they’re not working out!

How long since you’ve taken “inventory” of your priorities versus your choices?

I was talking with a client last week who is really determined to buy her first home yet the only thing she’s really succeeding at right now is building a fabulous wardrobe. The two just don’t go together. They will one day. But if her priority today is to save a deposit for a home, she needs to put her “pleasure” spending on hold for a little while or at least rein it in.

I have a friend who has a team member who really wants to excel in his career yet he’s quite divisive in the workplace. His choices and action aren’t holding him in good stead for a promotion.
What are your choices saying about you?
Are all parts dancing to the same beat?

Remember, actions speak louder than words and they also get a faster response than thoughts.