Is it helping you or stressing you?

Is it supporting you to have a great day, work towards your goals and get you into a productive mood and positive mindset?

If not, change the channel! Listen to something else or turn it off!

We can get so caught up with things that are happening in life that sometimes they become overwhelming and we need to just step away.

News of Covid, the Delta strain, border closures and lockdowns can be super stressful. Talk of falling property price values, uncertainty in the market, recessions, etc, etc, etc is not going to help me achieve my goals. So I’ve turned off that noise.

And I’ve turned on music. Music that makes me smile and that gets me up and dancing – or at least singing along and tapping my feet.

I’m much happier, more focussed and present. It’s so much better!

What are you listening to? What songs do you recommend that I add to my playlist?