Twas the week before Christmas and everyone was going crazy… running here, running there, doing this, doing that, buying everything, seeing everyone… it’s all just a little bit insane at this time of year.

On Monday night I managed to sneak in an hour of downtime for myself and went to a meditation session. I didn’t really want to go. I was busy!

But I know that when I go, I feel better afterwards and it’s good for me. So I soldiered on.

And it was good for me.

The whole session was about relaxing, letting go of the pressure, with the mantra, “it can wait”.

And, for most things, they really can wait.

Or they can be delegated.

There will always be some things that just have to be done, but it’s a good exercise to take a good look at your list and decide what can wait.

Do you really need to catch up with friends you haven’t seen for months in the week before Christmas? That might be a fabulous way to start the new year instead!

Do you really need to absolutely, completely 100% clear every task that is outstanding at work? Or are there a few projects that can wait for a couple of weeks?

Does your house really need to be spotlessly clean?

So, take a look, have a think… be kind to yourself. Take the pressure off. Take a breath. Take another.

It can wait.