With all the Christmas celebrations in full swing, this time of year can be exhausting.

We’re racing to finish all those jobs at work so we can have a clean slate for the new year. We’re trying to see everyone that we haven’t seen for months – but for some reason, we need to catch up before Christmas. We’re shopping for presents, planning meals, preparing for holidays, managing kids and end of year school stuff, writing lists, going to the hairdressers and beauticians, running here, running there. And where did all that traffic come from???

Besides everything else we have to do, the most important thing we need to do is stop and breathe every now and again.

For me, it’s how I manage when I’ve got too much on my plate. It’s how I avoid overwhelm. It’s how I slow my world down so I can look at things clearly and logically. It’s how I remember that I really can be superwoman and get it all done. Or I can be human and just let some things go. It’s me who makes that decision.

Sometimes we forget that how much we put on our lists is up to us. How much we allow others to put on our lists is up to us. It’s in our power to say “no”. Or “later”. Or even “never”.

As we head into the pointy end of the celebrations, just remember to breathe. The world won’t stop if we don’t cross everything off our lists.

There’s always tomorrow. Or January. Or never…