Presence. That’s my goal for the upcoming holiday period.

I’ve got the presents sorted, but I really want to BE present this year.

I have a business and a team that I love. I’m energised and excited by my work so it’s hard to turn off.

I also have a family that I love. I have a fabulous husband, four sons who are growing up way too fast, parents who are ageing (don’t tell them I said that!), and siblings and friends that I just don’t see enough of.

These holidays I want to stop and really enjoy my time with everyone. I also want time just to focus on what I need, for my physical and mental health, my relationships and my happiness.

We get so busy doing things that it’s time for me to take a little bit of time to just be. I want to be in the moment rather than thinking about what’s coming up, planning for what’s next, thinking about all the “what ifs”.

Truly recharging, re-energising and enjoying time with those I love will be my present to myself.

That way I’ll hit the ground running in 2022 and blast right through all those goals I’ve been working towards this year with a clear mind and happy heart.

Do you have goals on how you will approach the Christmas period?